Welcome to Rocky Ridge Goat Ranch

About Us

 Welcome to Rocky Ridge Goat Ranch. We are located in Terrell, Tx. We see customers by appointment only. Call 972-762-8688 or 214-732-2076 for an appointment to come out and meet our four legged and two legged friends. You can also e-mail me at if you have any questions. We have started breeding Nubians, we have registered  stock available.  All goats have current CDT shots or if they are under 30 days old these 2 shots will be provided to you and are included in the price of the goat. Wethering male goats is also included in the price.

We maintain a CAE free herd and test on a yearly basis.  We feed all kids pasteurized milk to prevent milk-borne diseases such as Mycoplasma and Chlamydia.  All of our adult animals have been tested for G6S and the entire herd tested normal. Since we basically run a closed herd and we have never had a problem  with abscesses, we do not routinely test for CL.  ALL FOUNDATION DOES AND CURRENTLY USED BUCKS HAVE BEEN TESTED G6S NORMAL.

Please show yourself around our site and enjoy!